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Facilitating the adoption of innovative technologies

Collaborate with us to define, design, and develop state-of-the-art solutions for your business

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We design innovations that improve processes, optimize resources, empower people, and communicate to specific audiences

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Innovation Design

Research, design, and development of innovative technological solutions to solve a problem, improve a process, launch a new service

Digital Transformation

Research and analysis of cultural and operational impact of the digital technology to be integrated into any areas of a business in order to change how a company operate and deliver value to its customers. with the objective of minimizing overall business and operation disruption

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Investor Relations

Incubates projects for commercial development and positioning in the global market. Identifying the opportunities with the greatest potential, choosing the sectors to innovate, and the problems to which the solution is most likely to lead to commercial growth and benefits to society.

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Since 2008 we have been successfully dedicated to the research, development, and launch of innovative solutions in different market sectors.  Below is a selection of our projects.


Research grant awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to study an Artificial Intelligence model that measures soft skills with video games

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Investor Relations
2022 - ongoing

Incubation of the first videogame engine to measure and improve soft skills.


Innovation Design
Turin, Italy  2021

Webapp for music learning, capable of playing musical pieces track by track and recording the student's track to play it along with the musical piece. The app is now being distributed together with the Lattes Editori textbook “Prima la Musica” which, thanks to the innovative app, has been the new best-selling textbook in the entire Italian education market


Digital Transformation
Turin, Italy  2020

VR app for art history learning for Lattes Editori. The application has been distributed to more than 10,000 students, with distribution forecast to 10,000 more students from lower middle school together with the MOMA textbook, which is the most popular in all of Italy (MOMA Visual).

VR for women.jpg

Innovation Design
Turin, Italy  2019

VR-based solution for the oncology department of a large hospital in Turin, Italy, for relaxation and treatment of anxiety during chemotherapy for women affected by breast cancer.

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Digital Transformation
Barcelona  2016-2018

Collaborated on the development of the European market for a start-up in Barcelona, ​​Spain specialized in virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive experiences.


Digital Transformation
London, UK  2011-2015

Collaborated with Motive Television in the development of the global market for Tablet TV, the first terrestrial TV system for tablets, a combination of hardware receiver and tablet application (Android and iOS).

TV Screens

Digital Transformation
South Africa  2013

WaterJug developed the first low cost pay TV business in Johannesburg, South Africa, for Siyaya.

Business Handshake

Investor Relations
Barcelona, Spain 2010

Assisted in the sale of BesTV to Motive Television, a London AIM-listed international holding for GBP 4.75M.

Sitting in Front Of The Computer

Innovation Design
Barcelona, Spain 2009

Collaborated in the development of the market for the first asynchronous video-on-demand product based on a proprietary content download technology using terrestrial TV transmission networks.

recommendation engine3.jpg

Innovation Design
Milan, Italy 2009

Collaborated in the launch of one of the first AI-based recommendation engines.

Broadcast Video Camera

Innovation Design
Dallas, Texas 2008

Collaborated in the launch of a new digital video encoding and decoding technology for IP-based networks video distribution.


The Team

To develop our projects we create teams of highly specialized professionals to meet the requirements of the customer and the technological needs of the solution. This strategy has allowed us to focus on innovation in many business sectors, and to build expertise in an extensive network of brilliant professionals.

The many successful projects developed by WaterJug have allowed us to build a unique knowledge in strategy design and the development of innovative solutions.


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