Waterjug is an innovation design and production company. 

We facilitate the use of innovative technologies to accelerate the transformation of your company as efficiently as possible.

We are aware that the world is being changed rapidly and continuously by a number of new tools such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and many more that are coming up at the horizon or becoming mainstream. The gap between a company’s know-how and the knowledge required to adopt innovations is increasing, making it more and more difficult to stay competitive and relevant in a cost effective way.

Our goal is to bridge that gap.

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Technologies are evolving fast and the pace at which new ones are introduced is increasing, creating a cycle that exponentially accelerates the evolution of business and society. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with the sheer amount of innovations being generated, yet products and services need to stay compelling, relevant, and affordable.

For this reason we created WaterJug, a one-stop-shop where companies can find the expertise and know-how about emerging technologies to stay competitive.

Discover our competencies and what you can do with them.

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Passionate about leading-edge technologies and eager for efficiency, we provide a set of services that facilitate the use and accelerate the adoption of innovation within a specific project or the entire company. We advise and assist our clients from the inception of the strategy to the deployment of the solution, working with them in creating a future-oriented culture and developing technology know-how.

These services stem from a methodology that enables our clients to…

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Our team is made of professionals that have been working for years in conceiving, creating, developing, producing, and deploying projects for both big corporations and small start-ups. 

We all share an obsession for emerging technologies and thanks to the unique combination of young and seasoned, of drive and experience, of enthusiasm and vision, we are able to keep up with pace of innovation and understand its potential for the market.

Gianluca Ferremi
Founder and Managing Director

“Together we can make the leap from yesterday to tomorrow”

Erica Pontalti
Business Development

“Passion and extreme attention to details are my trademarks”

Roger Calaf
Spanish tourism market developer

“Focused on finding the optimal solution for each project”

Federica Irene Pierini
Social Media Manager Junior

“Il cambiamento è sempre.”